Golf Society Newsletter
Volume 2 - Issue 1
February 2003

2002 - A year in Review

Our inaugural year, 2002, was the momentous for the Pen Pushers of America. Some highlights:

2002 Event Summary:
Event Name Month Champion Goat Boy  Long Drive  Closest to Pin
Founders Trophy June D. Beauchamp M. Ortega R. Sterrett R. Odom
Captains Challenge July C. Hughes V. Hardy M. Ortega M. Conroy
Summer Classic*** August J. Fotchman J. Denale J. Sullivan B. Clark
Summer Championship September B. Clark R. Dunham R. Sterrett S. Hardesty
Fall Challenge October D. Beauchamp M. Rubin R. Joshi S. Padget
Turkey Shoot-Out November B. Frazee R. Odom R. Duck R. Sterrett

*** - Abandoned after nine holes due to weather

Remember, those of you who won last years event should make an extra effort to come back and defend your title in this years event. It may be especially sweet for those of you carrying around a goat-boy title that you can "award" to someone else. Remember to reserve your place for the 2003 events at least 2 weeks in advance with the Captain, Dave Beauchamp. Good Luck in 2003!

 Raspberry Falls Gobbles up Pen Pushers in 1st Annual Turkey Shoot

For the 2002 season finale, it was a bright brisk day at Raspberry Falls. We had a full crowd with 5 foursomes teeing off at 10:00AM. The first tee off time was earlier than the usual noon because sunset was at 4:40 PM. While Raspberry Falls is a stunning, beautifully maintained top quality course, it provides a stiff challenge to scoring well.

The pace of play (or the lack of pace of play) set an all time record for the Pen Pushers as the average round was well over 5 hours. We are going to have to work on our game pace to avoid running the risk of courses not allowing us to return. Even with the long rounds, a good time was had by all. A new Goat-Boy and Champion were crowned. Newcomer, Brian Frazee (rhymes with CRAZY), took the Turkey Shoot-Out Championship with a score of 33. Hard on his heels was Scott Padget (The Major) with a score of 32 and Ron Duck, Longest Drive winner, with a 31. Although upset that he didn't win the outing, Scott accomplished one thing ? he vowed before the start of the match that if Dave Beauchamp was winning heading into the final hole that Scott would break his leg so that he couldn't finish and win a second event in a row. We are happy to report that Dave still has both of his legs intact. Rick Sterrett won a controversial Closest to the Pin Award as most of the contestants thoug! ht! "Eat-Me!" was Sullivan's nickname. We now know that that is just his favorite expression. Sterrett still had to two putt from 45 feet to win the honor. You can just guess what Sullivan said about that?The challenge of Raspberry helped the Goat finally catch up to Russ Odom (new nickname Russ Goatom). He was consoled by all five previous Goat-Boy winners at the awards banquet. All are looking forward to 2003 and staying out of the Goat's reach.

It was a great finale to the season. We hope that Raspberry Falls will let us return in 2003 so that we can have our Turkey Shoot there again.
  Turkey Shoot November 2002



Brian Frazee

Goat-Boy Award

Russ Odom

Long Drive

Ron Duck

Closest to the Pin

Rick Sterrett

Membership Drive Still on:

We would still like to grow the membership. If you know someone who enjoys golf, is fun to be around, and might be interested in participating in an outing, please contact Rick Sterrett or John Sullivan for more details. Thanks ! Contact Information:
Rick Sterrett Email: rtsterrett@aol.com John Sullivan Email: laurasu@msn.com
Mobile: (301) 529 - 2747 Mobile: (703) 622-0084
Home: (703) 736-9815 Home: (540) 554-8871


2003 Membership Update

Membership Privileges:

Membership Dues:

Annual Membership Dues (per Member): $50 per year due March 1st, 2003. The dues will allow the Pen Pushers to place deposits with courses, guarantee the dates, and fund the trophies and prizes. Please send your check to Rick Sterrett at 11868 Fawn Ridge Lane, Reston, VA 20194 and make it payable to our Vice Captain, John Denale. The payment of your 2003 membership dues will put your membership in "good standing."

There will be some variability due to the cost of different Courses. The Event Fees help cover the costs of the Course fees, awards and prizes, and the awards banquet. Registration:  Awards and Prizes: This award can be won only once per person per year. Must be in the cut of the fairway. Must be on the green and must par (or better) the hole

 2003 Pen Pusher Schedule:
2003 Events:
Planned Locations
1. March 19 The Irish Open ** Landsdowne (703) 729-8400 
2. April 23 Spring Challenge Brambleton (703) 327-3403
3. May 14 The British Cup Reston National (703) 620-9333
4. June 11 Founders Trophy Stoneleigh (540) 338-4653
5. July 16 Captains Day Challenge** Shenandoah (540) 636-2241
6. August 13 Summer Championship Carpers Valley (540) 662-4319
7. September 17 Patriots Memorial Virginia National (888) 283-golf
8. October 15 Autumn Challenge Bull Run (877) 753-7770
9. November 12 Turkey Shoot-Out** Raspberry Falls (703) 779-2555

** Perpetual Trophies (Main Events) ???.No Events: January, February, and December

Irish Open Registration:

The Captain, Dave Beauchamp, needs to know whether or not you are going to play in the Irish Open on March 19th, 2003 by the 1st of March. Please contact Dave, Rick or John to reserve your spot on The Irish Open. Dave can be reached at:
Captain Dave Beauchamp Email: db3par@aol.com Phone: (703) 669-0866

 Fee: $75 due the day of the event

2003 Handbooks and USGA Rulebooks Available

2003 Pen Pushers Membership Handbooks and the 2003 USGA Rulebooks are available to those who have paid their yearly membership dues.

Captains Corner

Now that our clubs have had a chance to mend and heal during this prolonged winter layoff, they are ready to be polished up and taken back out to their natural habitat. That does not mean the nearest pond where I think a club or two may have found it's final resting place.

But in order for your clubs to perform as intended, it is vitally important to brush up on a few simple practice techniques at the start of each season and each round.

While at the practice range begin by using a club that you feel comfortable hitting. I like to start with my wedge or 8-iron. Begin by using a 50-75% swing for the first half dozen or so shots. When you are beginning to feel loosened-up, hit another 3 or 4 balls with the same club at 75% of your swing. Try not to go for the 100% 'grip and rip' swing while on the practice range. The idea is to get a feel for your swing and to loosen up before the action begins.

Follow this process through your irons and finish with about a half dozen or so shots with the Big Dog. Never start out on the practice range with your driver. If you think about it, how many times are you actually using the driver during a round - about 14 times. The clubs you use the most are your irons, and unfortunately for too many of us...the putter (next month's tips). So, concentrate on your irons at the range. One other note about the range and your irons...one day hit your odd numbered clubs and the next time out your even numbered clubs. Because by hitting your 6-iron, you are essentially hitting your 7-iron.

Good Luck and keep it straight! Dave Beauchamp, 2003 Captain

Web Site Update

Our Website is up and running? at least when there is electricity at the Tierney homestead. Thanks Paul?Come visit us at www.penpushers.us !